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Oh no I just remembered what I did on mushrooms. I played frisbee for like 8 hours on the side of a hill. That’s what I remember. It was a really steep slope, and playing frisbee, and there were no epiphanies with that one so much, other than frisbee is amazing.

Matt Berninger from You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
Title: So Far Around the Bend Artist: The National 319 plays

I may or may not have just gotten high through an apple and had this song playing over and over again in my head while doing it.

It looked so suspicious, I had to go to see what was in it… I opened it up and — this is absolutely true — there, inside the box, was a headless chicken and a double-ended dildo. It’s where this band started — inspiration struck.

Matt Berninger on finding a cardboard box in South Brooklyn in 1996 

But, yeah, the record goes all over the place, and our band has always kind of gone all over the place. And this record particularly, we let go of any anxiety of what kind of band we’re supposed to be or what kind of band is a cool kind of band, and so we just chased the songs. And I think part of it is I’ve got a 4-year-old daughter, Aaron’s got a baby girl and Bryan’s got two little boys, and I think there’s — having kids gave us some perspective … that actually our band isn’t that important. You know, if it disappeared tomorrow, we’d be fine and it’s not the center of our universe. And so, in a strange way, we made a very unguarded record because we weren’t so worried about disappearing overnight as a band, which can happen easily. I think we just stopped worrying about all that stuff that never helped us write songs in the first place.

Matt Berninger on Trouble Will Find Me (x)

I need this right now

The National performing Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks with Justin Vernon

Title: All Dolled-up in Straps Artist: The National 59 plays

4 reasons why I would like to have been at Austin City Limits (x)

The National at Red Rocks

So painful

some quality in-flight reading on my flight to Seattle

just a heads up: if you get This Is The Last Time stuck in your head you will not be able to get it out for weeks, probably

Title: I Need My Girl Artist: The National 19 plays

From The National’s Tiny Desk Concert

Here's the rest of the performance, if you'd like it!
It includes Sea Of Love, Pink Rabbits, and This Is The Last Time.

Grownass Man and Trouble Will Find Me are slowly defining my summer and I wouldn’t have it any other way