you know those people that you come across every once in a while who seem like they’ve just come to peace with their entire fucking life, or the world and the way it is, or whatever? and it’s as though they’re so wise, or they’ve just thought so damn much, that they’ve come to so many understandings about everything imaginable. and it almost comes off like they just could not give a fuck about anything but in reality they’ve just reached such an intense level of sheer knowledge that they know that to seem flustered, or confused, or unsettled is just a waste of energy that could be directed toward something they love (which they’ve already identified, of course). so what happens is they spend their entire lives accomplishing these magnificent things having to do with what they love, and sharing it with the people that they love. and there are all of these admirers witnessing this, and whether they realize it or not, they are attracted to the passion that these people are able to put into their lives, because they’ve managed to fill it with all things significant and lovely and vital to them, when there are so many of us running around still trying to figure out which kind of toothbrush to use.

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