Kanye West has invited James Blake to work on his next studio album. Read more.

Title: Lindisfarne II Artist: James Blake 10 plays



the real winner

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The real estate agent showing my apartment just tried to say ‘thank you’ to me in Chinese.

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I’m interested in humans. I think humans are so fascinating, and the fact that we’re like, beautiful, and violent, and vile, all in the same breath. That the mundane and the exalted can live very simultaneously; and I think I’m more interested now in not the romanticized version of what people are, but what people actually are. Thats the stuff that just like, totally gets me off.

Annie Clark (St. Vincent)

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#aw Louie  

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You were thinking out loud

You said “I’m overwhelmed”

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Randall Munroe of xkcd put together an amusing/fascinating set of gifs showing the relative frequencies of various events.  This is just a small sample - see them all here

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Missing this experience.

On the floor at the great divide,
with my shirt tucked in
and my shoes untied,
I am crying in the bathroom.