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Laura Marling

Title: Down the Line Artist: José González 1,691 plays


josé gonzález down the line

don’t let the darkness eat you up

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Robin Williams, 1951-2014

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Justin Vernon is too cool. For you, for me, for school. For Everything.

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Title: Hard to Find Artist: The National 415 plays


I’m not holding out for you.

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Breakfast around the world

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Title: So Now What Artist: The Shins 5,887 plays

So Now What | The Shins

I had this crazy idea
Somehow we cruise to the end

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I was tagged by vlz . Rules are simple: Put mu iPod, iTunes or whatever on shuffle and post the first ten songs that come up. Also NO SKIPPING. Here we go: 

Shallows - Daughter

Scatterbrain (As Dead as Leaves) - Radiohead 

Find My Way Home - William Fitzsimmons

Slow It Down - The Lumineers

I Want You - The Tallest Man on Earth

Waterwings (And Other Poolside Fashion Faux Pas) - Alexisonfire

Don’t Talk To Me - Ty Segall 

Wisconsin - Bon Iver

Freakin’ It - Will Smith

You Ain’t Going Nowhere - Counting Crows

I tag: vernist, walk-through-walls, smoke-stungeyes, crispyrealization, distrustingly, littttlebearunfamiliar coastsararahmae, lyshaeskro, lumina-soarelui.​ 

Yep I would absolutely rather do this than study. Let’s see:

  1. It Wasn’t Me - Shaggy
  2. Broadripple Is Burning - Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s
  3. Mother Nature’s Son - The Beatles
  4. What Can I Say - Brandi Carlile
  5. Portland Is Leaving - Rocky Votolato
  6. Last Nite (The Strokes Cover) - Adele
  7. Two Step - Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
  8. Hard to Explain - The Strokes
  9. Summersong - The Decemberists
  10. Seaside - The Kooks

This is weirdly fun, everyone should do this! 

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